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Flowers in bloom all year round at the Tropical Parc.

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Flowers in bloom all year round at the Tropical Parc.

Whatever time of year you visit the park, you are sure to see flowers in bloom in the winter or summer garden.


Visit the floral park and its gardens all year round and admire the abundance of colours and scents.

 April – May :

Orchids in all their splendour. Outside, narcissus and tulips start emerging from the ground. During the first two weeks of May, irises start making an appearance...


June :

The first roses start to bloom and you can smell the sweet scent of the exotic plants (bougainvillia etc)

July :

The season for sub-tropical flowers and plants in the heart of the park.

    August :     

Lotus and giant dahlias start to develop…


  September :  

The fragrance of the banana trees and their bananas can be smelt all around the gardens...


 October : 

Indian summer and its fabulous colours, a feast for the eyes... 

If you want to be at the right place at the right time to see the first flowers to bloom, why not take out an annual subscription.




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