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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find an answer to your question contact us.

What eating facilities are ther at TROPICAL PARC ?
Tropical Parc only has an ice cream bar. There is a covered outdoors picnic area just outside the park. You are welcome to visit in the morning, and to leave at lunchtime for your picnic, provided your ticket is stamped to ensure your free return in the afternoon.

Are dogs allowed into the park ?
All animals, other than those resident within the park, are forbidden.

Is the show included in the cost of the entrance fee ?
The show is included in the entrance fee. There are no other fees once inside the park.

Who founded Tropical Parc ?
Tropical Parc was founded by the Gicquel family in 1986 when they converted a nursery and farming estate.

How big is the park ?
Tropical Parc extends over 4.5 hectares and has around 1,000 square metres of greenhouses and hothouses.

How long does it take for a tour of Tropical Parc ?
A large proportion of our visitors spend half a day at Tropical Parc. Please try to arrive before the show at 15.30.
However, you can enjoy a shorter visit if desired, but a minimum of 2 hours is recommended.

What if it rains ?
The park has sheltered areas and 1,000 square metres of greenhouses and hothouses.

How do the exotic plants survive winter in Brittany ?
The most delicate plants are uprooted and repotted so they can spend winter in the warm. Lots of plants can withstand minor frosts but as a precautionary measure, we protect the banana trees with straw and cover the cacti. The leaves of certain palm trees close up and bulbs are covered with layers of manure.

Are the elderly and disabled able to access Tropical Parc ?
In the park there are no difficult paths or slopes. The paths in the greenhouses are concreted and the paths in the park are covered in sand. The park has a number of benches.

Why is Tropical Parc modelled on Asia ?
Tropical Parc is closely linked with craftsmen fro Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Through our purchases in Asia, we are supporting the families of craftsmen with whom we have maintained links for more than 16 years. We are bringing them technical know-how, which allows them to maximise their commercial activities.
For sixteen years we have been buying directly, in hrd currency, from these craftsmen, without an intermediary, enabling them to live off the proceeds of their work.

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