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The Thai garden

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Welcome to the dragon world ! The Thai garden will transport you to the Siam Kingdom with Buddhas and white marble lions guarding the temples.


Asian art 

Take a stroll around this beautiful garden and dream of the Orient.  Admire the four traditional pagodas including a wooden temple, statues of Buddhas and bamboo houses in this captivating and magical landscape.

Bask in the scent of the flowers and opulent orchids as you walk amongst the trees pruned in the shape of balls or clouds in this tranquil setting.

Koi fish swim in the pond lined with elms from China, bougainvilleas and 50 year old bonsai trees.  A gold-leaf buddha kindly watches over them...

Children are fascinated by the carnivore plants and fruits in the tropical forest.  Cocoa, sugar cane, coconut, cotton, latex, pepper... not forgetting annatto, the red spiny fruit used as colouring.

The musical hut

A magical, fun place where you can create some tunes on a gong (1.80 m diameter), a tambourine from Vietnam and a xylophone from Bali.


New in 2014 : the Thai village

Take a walk around the village and discover the local trades around a weaving loom from the Karen tribes (north Thailand).

Discover a display of colourful material and instruments to spin and dye the cotton.

In the garden, an authentic tuk-tuk, the famous taxi from Bangkok has come to the end of its journey ! 




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The Thai garden

Welcome to the dragon world ! The Thai garden will transport you to the Siam Kingdom with Buddhas and white marble lions guarding the temples.