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The statues and sculptures in the park

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During your visit you will see no less than 80 Asian statues around the gardens which perfect the reconstructions.



Over 80 authentic Asian, Aztec and Mayan statutes 

The gardens at the Tropical Parc are home to nuumerous wooden and stone Asian Buddha statues covered in gold leaves, weighing anything from a a few kilograms to a few tons.  Also see the Hindu statues (Ganesh, Sarasuati, Dewisiri).

The visitor can also discover about fifteen Aztec and Mayan statues made from stone standing 3 metres tall and made from one block of lava stone and river stone as well as beautiful statues of elephant, monkeys and buffalos from the island of Java. 

Lions made from marble, bronze animals and Australian and Maori totem made from coconut palms complete the decor and add a touch of magic to this landscape.


Where do these statues and sculptures come from ? 

For 25 years, we have been working closely with craftsmen from villages in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Madagascar...).

The Hindu statues are made by master carvers who helped with the renovation of the Borobudur temple, the largest Buddhist monument in the world.

The materials used, like wood, are from plantations and are condusive to recycling raw materials such as, in Thailand for example, wood from mango trees, longans, jackfruit, litchi...

In Indonesia, sculptures and decorations are made from hibiscus, lemon trees or plants which grow rapidly like the acacia, bamboo and eucalyptus.

The sustainable developement of nature is important to us and we encourage our craftsmen to develop production methods which are nature friendly.

All of the statues and sculptures at the park are for sale or can be ordered.

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